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Kim Evans Presents
Radiant Health: The Power of Self-Care Webinar
5 Elements of Holistic Living for Professional Women

Join me in this special presentation designed to share with you the Power of Self Care: Restoring your Radiant Beauty, Health & Wellness for professional women. In this talk, we will look at five Holistic principals that will give you a clear course of action to help you enhance and achieve a better integrative wellness plan for your life.
  •   Holistic Nutrition for the soul. What foods help to nourish your body for sustained health
  •   Vibrant Fitness & Physical Movement: Love your body with physical movement & it will love you back.
  •   Inner Beauty Radiance: learn simple and effective beauty methods that enhance your inner beauty.
  •   Skin Health: simple self empowering techniques that help embellish the fullness of you
  •   Stress Management: Learn effective ways to better manage unwelcome stress in your life.
Kim Evans is a Speaker, Licensed Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Educator & Wellness Nutrition Coach, owner of: 2GORJIS Integrated Health & Wellness. Kim has a private facial & wellness practice that serves both women and men, located in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Investment: $30

Registration is required, Limited class size
www.2GORJIS.com  Contact: twogorjis@msn.com (925)689-8602
Time: 5 PM  Pacific Time
Place: Anywhere
Presenter: Kim Evans, MA

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